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"A Fashionable Choice" is the second episode in the first season of Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers. It was often mixed with "Beware the Funky Monkey" for broadcast, due to its short length.


A Generic Evil Robot is sent down by Evil Empress to terrorize Chelmsford and ruin Luke's date with Fai. Stef is called to action to deal with another outbreak of the Hoodie Patrol. Later, she meets up with Fai and gets a makeover. The robot returns. Ross and John find they are unable to take the robot on their own. Luke joins in, as well as Vicken. Captain Emohead abducts Fai, then gives her a crash course on how to become the new FashionxCore Emo Ranger given her propensity to give makeovers to everything. Stef is summoned to the Command Center to witness matters. The two girls morph and teleport to the battle. The Emo Megazord is formed, but is quickly beat up by the robot. Fai's new FashionxCore Emo Zord is also unable to fight off the monstrosity on its own. The Rangers recombine the Zords into a different combination, with Fai forming the main chest piece instead of Stef. This new configuration creates the Fashionable Emo Megazord, which finally defeats the robot. The Empress swears revenge, and the Rangers go home to celebrate their victory - and their newest member.

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Much like with "Beware the Funky Monkey," this episode was shot very rapidly and in response to demand from MTV for more episodic content besides just the short film. That short film had bits of itself re-edited and aired with bits of "Beware the Funky Monkey," resulting in a lot of episodic overlap as episodes were constantly being remixed with the short film and re-edited scenes cut from the original short film release. However, this was the second bit to have itself a plot unique from the short film's plot and events.


At any given time, there have been at least 173,634 views of this video on YouTube since its original release in 2005. MTV statistics are not available. Exact popularity of this episode is hard to gauge, since it was usually mixed in with others to form new episode remixes.

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