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"Beware the Funky Monkey" is the first episode in the first season of Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers. It was often mixed with clips taken from the original film's cutting room floor and re-edited for broadcast, due to its short length.


Amidst some chaos that requires the Rangers to fight the Hoodie Patrol once more, an evil ape-like minion called Funky Monkey is sent down by Evil Empress to terrorize Central Park in Chelmsford during a carnival event. Ross is sent there to battle the monster directly. Fortunately for Ross, Funky Monkey is one of the Empress' weakest minions that isn't a Hoodie. Ross is able to make quick work of the monster, restoring order to Chelmsford for the time being.

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Much like with "A Fashionable Choice," this episode was shot very rapidly and in response to demand from MTV for more episodic content besides just the short film. That short film had bits of itself re-edited and aired with bits of this episode, resulting in a lot of episodic overlap as episodes were constantly being remixed with the short film and re-edited scenes cut from the original short film release. However, this was the first bit to have itself a plot unique from the short film's plot and events.


At any given time, there have been at least 60,000 views of this video on YouTube since its original release in 2005. MTV statistics are not available. Exact popularity of this episode is hard to gauge, since it was usually mixed in with others to form new episode remixes.

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