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"Emo Rangers vs. Santa" (alt title: "Emo Rangers Christmas Special") is the third episode to season 1 of Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers. It is often remixed with the 2005 short film and with "A Fashionable Choice" to make episode mixes and span out the length.


As the Emo Rangers are at home celebrating Christmas, they tune in to see a show where Panic! at the Disco's Brendon and Jon are being interviewed. The Evil Empress' lightning strikes the show host out of nowhere and for no given reason, transforming him into a monster with a device that he intends to use to turn a mall Santa into a super-powered menace. This evil Santa immediately gets a Santa Bot, and goes on a rampage through Chelmsford. The show host then vanishes, and nobody can account anything for where he went. Brendon and Jon remain in the studio, completely confused.

The Rangers are contacted by Captain Emohead, who gives them Christmas-themed enhancements to their powers and their Zords. They set out to fight the Santa Bot, but it proves too powerful. Captain Emohead, desperate, contacts Brendon and Jon. He deduces that the unguarded device left in the room with them is what is enhancing the Santa Bot. Brendon and Jon agree to help out, and destroy the device. This weakens the Santa Bot, allowing the Rangers to deliver a kill shot. The Emo Rangers gain instant notoriety, as they had to "kill Santa to save Christmas."

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A very short time after Chris and Nick caught word from MTV that it was interested in their short film, they set to work quickly making three additional episodes that could be remixed with their original film so that they could make multiple remixes for broadcast. They decided to make a Christmas episode. Filming and editing wrapped up very quickly, leading to this December 2005 release in time for the Christmas season.


On the Clinique4Men YouTube channel, this video has garnered nearly 157,000 views in 11 years' time. The video was originally made in a rush in 2005, but got uploaded a year later to that channel on December 6th of 2006. It was liked 651 times and disliked 40 times.

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