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The Evil Show Host is a minor villain introduced in "Emo Rangers vs. Santa." He makes a brief appearance, and is never seen again.


The show host, after his transformation, is apparently able to make a device to create an evil Santa and [Santa Bot]]. He can also teleport at will. Otherwise, he is not well-defined. The Empress transforms him seemingly out of nowhere into his evil form, with no explanation given prior and no comment on it later.

Character history[]

While the Emo Rangers are celebrating Christmas at home, they turn on their TV set to watch a clip of Brendon Urie and Jon Walker from Panic! at the Disco get interviewed on a TV station. The Evil Empress' lightning suddenly strikes the show host from out of nowhere, transforming him into her evil minion. He somehow summons a machine from out of nowhere, and it appears in his lap. He uses that machine to somehow seize mind control over a mall Santa, also giving power enhancement to the Santa Bot being controlled by said Evil Mall Santa. He immediately vanishes, but foolishly leaves the device behind in the TV studio. After this, he is never seen again.

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