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Funky Monkey is a monster in the army of the Evil Empress. He is the monster seen in "Beware the Funky Monkey." His name appears to be a reference to the song "Brass Monkey" by the Beastie Boys, as well as a reference to either Pudgy Pig or Chunky Chicken. That being said, he is defeated as easily as Pursehead.


Funky Monkey appears to be able to use some sort of energy beam from his hands to injure others or wreak general mayhem. He's also able to hypnotize random teens into becoming Hoodies.

Character history[]

The second minion to be sent out by the Evil Empress after the defeat of Colonel Crusher, Funky Monkey takes advantage of a traveling carnival in Central Park to wreak some general mayhem. While most of the Rangers are called away to battle the Hoodie Patrol in town, Funky Monkey finds himself battling Ross single-handedly. While Funky initially gains the upperhand, Ross gets a heroic second wind and defeats the evil primate.


Funky Monkey seems to love causing chaos purely for the sake of chaos, getting sadistic thrills from the screams of others. He also enjoys telling Ross that he sucks.


Patrick Willis was the original suit actor for Funky Monkey. However, the production team behind Emo Rangers had throughout its history suffered several setbacks due to poor file management and poor audio quality with equipment from the get-go. This is why most characters' lines are dubbed in regardless of what they say live. In the case of Patrick's portrayal, none of his audio worked out at all. Therefore, Chris took over, using a voice distortion filter on himself. Chris' voice work was then dubbed in over Patrick's original lines.

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