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The Generic Evil Robot is another robotic monster sent by the Evil Empress to terrorize Chelsmford in "A Fashionable Choice." He is given no formal introduction, and never lasts beyond the episode.

Character history[]

The unnamed robot appears out of nowhere one cold day in November of 2005 in Chelmsford. He attacks Luke, ruining Luke's date with Fai. He then vanishes, after burning Luke's hair off. He appears out of nowhere again later on, and begins walloping Ross and Luke. John is also having trouble dealing with the menace, and Vicken fears they are all about to die. A bit late to being informed, Stef is called to the Command Center. Captain Emohead abducts Fai and gives her a crash course of infused knowledge on how to be a Ranger. Stef and Fai morph and summon their Emo Zords to the scene.

The robot proves too powerful even for the Emo Megazord and the FashionxCore Emo Zord to handle. However, the Rangers figure out how to swap out Stef and Fai's bots for the Emo Megazord's chest and make the Bleeding Heart Pterodactyl into a set of wings for the FashionxCore Megazord. This new configuration makes quick work of the unnamed robotic menace.

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