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The following is a list of movies and episodes that are associated with Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers.

Season 1[]

"Emo Rangers vs. Santa" is also often referred to as "The Emo Rangers Christmas Special." This lineup below is the closest there is to a coherent episode lineup for the first season. Mostly, footage from the battle with Funky Monkey and the battle with the Generic Evil Robot were remixed with footage from the 2005 short film to create numerous minisodes. As such, the first season was not a coherent season proper by any stretch. While completed in 2005, most of the footage didn't get wide release around the world until almost a year later in late 2006. Even then, remixes were being uploaded by various YouTube accounts well into 2007.

Season 1
Overall # In-season # Title Original release date Focused-on characters
0 0 Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers: The Movie October 27th, 2005 Captain Emohead, Ross, John, Luke, Vicken, Stef, Evil Empress, Colonel Crusher, Hoodie Patrol, Emo 5
Evil Empress, a Gothic villain, crashes on the moon and uses her powers to create a palace. She sends Colonel Crusher to destroy Chelmsford. This triggers the emo sensors, awakening Captain Emohead. He responds to her threat by summoning five depressed teens to become the Emo Rangers.
1 1 Beware the Funky Monkey November 2005 Ross, Funky Monkey
Wishing to conserve her power more, the Evil Empress sends one of her weakest minions: Funky Monkey. He attacks a traveling carnival, and turns a few teens there into members of the dreaded Hoodie Patrol. However, the monkey grossly underestimates what Ross can do.
2 2 A Fashionable Choice November 2005 Stef, Luke, Fai, Generic Evil Robot
The Empress sends a generic evil robot to avenge Colonel Crusher, expending a considerable amount of her energy doing so. This robot proves too powerful for the five base Emo Zords, so Captain Emohead recruits Fai to become a new Ranger and give the Rangers a fighting chance.
3 3 Emo Rangers vs. Santa December 2005 Luke, Evil Show Host, Evil Mall Santa, Panic! at the Disco, Santa Hat Hoodie Patrol
The Empress plots to ruin Christmas by using a TV show host who is secretly one of her minions to turn a mall Santa into a monster. The plan succeeds, and the new evil Santa is even given his own Santa Bot. When this proves too powerful for the Emo Rangers, Captain Emohead turns to Panic! at the Disco for assistance.

Season 2[]

By 2006, the series had been picked up by MTV UK - which also wanted something that it could export to the US version of MTV. As demand continued for a second season - with a coherent episode lineup - the cast and crew got back together and went to some lengths to up their production standards. Due to culture values in the US and marijuana legislation being sensitive issues, John was given an upgrade to the more moral-guardian-friendly StraightxEdge Ranger.

Alas, various delays led to the second season not being released until the summer of 2010.

Season 2
Overall # In-season # Title Original release date Focused-on characters
4 1 Weed Better Sober Up
  • July 10th, 2010 (YouTube)
  • July 12th, 2010 (MTV)
John, Johnny
When John's body begins having severe negative reactions, he decides to give up marijuana and adopt a StraightxEdge lifestyle. The Empress responds by creating her own knockoff of the Chronic Stoner Ranger powers, forcing John to have to literally fight off his old habits.
5 2 Bearly Legal / Scare Bear July 19th, 2010 Vicken, Mr. Fluffy
Finally fed up with Vicken and her love of teddy bears, the Empress turns Mr. Fluffy into a homicidal maniac of a monster. She also turns several other teddy bears from a charity into Fluffy's minions. They quickly begin a reign of terror in Chelmsford, forcing Vicken to have to give up her childhood hobby to save the day.
6 3 Top of the Flops July 26th, 2010 Ross, Sold Ya Boy, AvrilBot
With the magic she needs for conquest of Earth drying up and the need to flee coming soon, the Empress decides to change her tactics slightly by using Sold Ya Kid to scam children out of the money she'd need to conquer the world a different way. However, Captain Emohead and Ross get wise to the scam and fight back. Sold Ya is outraged, and summons aid from a robot that looks like Avril Lavinge to finish the Rangers off.
7 4 Rave New World August 2nd, 2010 Luke, New Rave Pirates
After some time has gone by, it is assumed the Empress gave up and fled to wherever she came from. The dreaded New Rave Pirates arrive on Earth with an even more cynical and sinister plan than any the Empress came up with. Luke wastes no time springing into action against them. Fai warns the other Rangers to get ready, in case the Pirates have their own giant robot - which they do.
8 5 You Want Cries With That? August 9th, 2010 Fai, Burger Klown
Fai discovers a nasty monster left behind when the Empress fled, who has his own version of the Hoodie Patrol. This nasty clown hides a booster for his own powers inside of one of the restaurants to which he is both the owner and mascot. Fai also learns that Burger Klown's patties are actually made of human children, and evil alien magic. Those who eat the burgers quickly gain weight rapidly. Tired of her interference, Burger Klown sends giant sized robots shaped like an extra value meal to deal with Fai. The other Rangers have to get creative with their Fight Bots to defeat the menaces, while Fai takes out the restaurants.
9 6 Uncle Kuddles and Fiddles the Kid August 16th, 2010 Stef, Uncle Kuddles / Fiddles the Kid
A mutated pedophile uses Stef's reckless online dating habits against her, and tries to lure her into a trap. However, he is too obsessed with what he wants to realize that she's a Ranger - and that she has friends with dangerous weapons willing to kill him in a heartbeat!

2015 Special[]

Main article: Emo Rangers 2015 Anniversary Special

A final film was made as a series finale in 2015, when it became obvious that there would be no feasible way to bring the cast in long-term to make more episodes.

2015 Anniversary Special
Overall # Title Original release date Focused-on characters
10 Emo Rangers 2015 Anniversary Special October 31st, 2015 Mary Jane, Evil Principal, Mysterious Vagrant, Upgraded Hoodie Patrol
Mary Jane Greenfield heads to Happy Valley High for her education at the behest of her mother - who has been fooled by the Evil Principal. It doesn't take Mary Jane long to learn the sinister truth about the seemingly rules-obsessed principal: he's an evil alien wanting to drug the kids and turn them into his own Hoodie Patrol! With nearly five years of almost zero alien activity until now, the other Rangers have gone into retirement. However, a Mysterious Vagrant notices what is going on and gives Mary Jane a key to the secret locker wherein which Captain Emohead hid the Chronic Stoner Ranger powers. This triggers the emo sensors, awakening Captain Emohead...who must guide Mary Jane on how to be a new Chronic Stoner Ranger. The principal fires back with a giant robot, convincing Captain Emohead to call the other Rangers out of retirement for one final battle.

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