The following is a list of crew members by years of production, as they are credited in their respective works.

2005 crewEdit

  • Chris Phillips: Series creator, writer, producer, director, and occasional fill-in actor for some of the monsters. He was the leading mind behind the entire project.
  • Nick Pittom: Series producer, 3D designer, and animator. Nick was the one with the skills to make and animate 3D models, and composite them into the stock footage.
  • Kyle Johnson: Fight stunt coordinator. It was his job to ensure that actors understood the fight choreography in each scene.
  • Zach Mikel: Music supervisor. Zach was the one who spent the most time working with music groups in Chelmsford, and securing the rights to their music to make the show possible.
  • Gale Benning: Costume designer and stage manager / prop designer. He would later go on to become a significant crew member in Star Trek: Phoenix.
  • Dominic Sinacola: Sound design and mixing. Living in Southampton at the time, he was a convenient go-to.

2007-2010 crewEdit

Robert Puttock took over for Dominic Sinacola for sound design and mixing for season 2. Otherwise, the crew for 2007-2010 remained the same as before. Thanda Mutero and Georgina Sapsford would continue to help out as production assistants when they weren't playing various roles.

2015 crewEdit

Two new crew members were added for the 2015 special. Kitty Sherwood became a production assistant. Chris Becker from SOVRN was put in charge of logo design and branding, thus giving the franchise a trendy new logo to replace its dated early-2000s graphic scheme.

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