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The following is a list of known non-Ranger-playing cast members.


  • Luke Cole: This friend of Chris' would also help out however and wherever possible with as many characters as he could. But him with an emo wig on usually portrayed Captain Emohead. As such, he was usually given the best-written lines in the entire show.
  • Kathryn Alder and Laura Bradley: These two portrayed the Evil Empress. The main suit actress was Kathryn, with Laura usually supplying the voice. Due to this, the villain often had to deal with her voice not matching up with her lips. However, this was an in-joke reference to Power Rangers; given that Rita Repulsa had the same issue due to her voice actress and suit actress not always being the same woman.
  • Chase Peel and Kyle Johnson: These were the main two in charge of portraying members of the dreaded Hoodie Patrol. They would get friends to assist them whenever and wherever possible to inflate the Patrol's numbers.
  • Patrick Willis: The suit actor for Funky Monkey. It's unknown how many other roles he's played.

Guest stars[]

Jon Walker and Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco appeared in "Emo Rangers vs. Santa" as themselves.


Two named additional cast members have been identified, though a variety of newcomers assisted with season 2.

  • Thanda Mutero: This friend of Chris' portrayed many villains, most prominently Sold Ya' Kid, an obvious parody of Soulja Boy.
  • Georgina Sapsford (neé Fox): She also portrayed many of the female villains, but was most prominently features as the AvrilBot, due to her strong resemblance to Avril Lavinge. This further played on the fact that Stef Braithwaite and Vicki Godby were huge fans of Avril in real life.
  • Katty Elyassi: An actress with various uncredited roles
    • Amy Hamilton: Likewise


Three particular new faces were added to the crew specifically for the 2015 special.

  • Marc Halls: This vocalist from Fei Comodo stepped in to supply various voicing talents.
  • Kyle Letner: A Boise native working at the Boise Fry Company, who also knew Krystal. He stepped in to portray the Mysterious Vagrant.

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