The following is a list of various minor additional characters that are known to have been in Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers, or else who were originally planned to be in it.

Lieutenant Stone AgeEdit

An officer who was originally to become an ally of the Rangers. His name is a parody of Lieutenant Stone from Power Rangers. He's a caveman that somehow wound up working as a cop in the present day.

Unnamed friend of Fai'sEdit

A woman Fai knew from high school ate some burgers at the Burger Klown's restaurant, and got super-fat in a hurry. This rouses Fai's suspicions about what the clown is up to. Appears twice in "You Want Cries With That?" and is never seen again.


A chubby civilian who is similar to Power Rangers comic relief character Bulk.


A parody of Skull. His name comes from the fact that he's from Scotland. Blink, and you'll miss that he's even there.


Paul Garson was going to play an emo version of himself for this role. He was to be the Rockstar Ranger, and was to become the new leader after Fai's untimely demise. This would free up real-life Fai to run her studio devoid of any further show production obligations. Ross would step down as leader. However, none of these plans panned out.

Noteworthy fan suggestionsEdit

Many fans on DeviantArt have theorized on the show's future possibilities, coming up with their own ideas for new Rangers and symbols to show the power sets continually evolving.

  • Citrus Torture Ranger: An Orange Ranger that slices enemies and then squeezes them with citrus fruit juices. Suggested on DeviantArt by KittyTheGrimm. There have been other various suggestions for an Orange Ranger by other users as well. Loweface even suggested in 2007 a "Pyromaniacal Ranger."
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