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Welcome to the official wiki for Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers, a Britoku comedy from 2005-2015 that went from obscure web fad to MTV show and back again. Wonder what happened on it? Who was whom? What the cast and crew have done with their lives since then? You'll probably find it here!


Mary Jane
Captain Emohead
Emo 5
Evil Empress
Colonel Crusher
Funky Monkey
Santa Bot
Evil Chronic Stoner
Mr. Fluffy
Sold Ya' Kid
New Rave Pirates
Burger Clown
Uncle Cuddles / Fiddles
Evil Principal

Chris Phillips


Learn more about the man whose vision started it all here.

Nick Pittom


Stunt coordination, props, effects, animations, writing, Nick was critical to the show's success. Find out more!

Actors portraying Rangers and mentor

Ross Fretten

Learn what Ross does in real life!

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Luke Markey

Acting, engineering, get the scoop on the real Luke!

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John Penn

Find out what the real John has been up to.

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Stef Braithwaite

This food blogger and model has done more than just playing a Ranger!

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Vicky Godby

After leaving Emo Rangers behind, she became a tutor - and more.

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Fai Burnett

Fai is pretty FashionxCore in real life too! Get the full scoop on what's trendy!

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Krystal Moore

This comedian stepped in for 2015. Find out what else she does!

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Luke Cole

A quick look at the man behind Captain Emohead.

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Learn more about other members of the cast here.


MMER (2005)

The one that started it all! Captain Emohead recruits five depressed teens to save Chelmsford.

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Emo Rangers (2015)

A new town and threat will force the Emo Rangers out of retirement.

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TV - Season 1

Beware the Funky Monkey

Ross must stop monkey trouble in the park.

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A Fashionable Choice

When five Rangers aren't enough, it's time for a makeover - FashionxCore style!

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Emo Rangers vs. Santa

A rotten show host makes Ol' St. Nick act more like Old Nick! It's moshin' time!

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TV - Season 2

Weed Better Sober Up

A tough choice forces John to literally fight his old habits.

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Bearly Legal (Scare Bear)

Maybe Vicken shouldn't be so fond of teddy bears?

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Top of the Flops

Evil Empress tries to run a credit card scam with rap music, and Ross almost falls for it.

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Rave New World

Luke deduces that only space aliens would want to make New Rave popular. But why?

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You Want Cries With That?

A diabolical restaurant mascot is about to make Fai lose her lunch!

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Uncle Cuddles/Fiddles Kid

Stef learns that online dating can be very dangerous!

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Check out this awesome collection of miscellaneous things related to Emo Rangers!

2011 Blooper Reel

Everyone's project is bound to have some outtakes, right?

2015 Gag Reel

Sponsored by Henshin Justice

2006 Costume How-To

How to make your own Emo Ranger suit.

Ross and Stef on MTV

Stars interviewed about their show roles.

Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers: The Video Game


Learn more here about the Flash game based on the original short film that amused the world!

Emo Rangers for The Sims 4


Visit this page on DeviantArt to unlock Moshin' Time in your copy of The Sims 4! Brought about courtesy of Dozerfleet Labs.

Because of course there will be!

Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers (and the Emo Rangers!)
Volkonir Meets the Power Rangers Mock Blu-Ray.png
Learn more here about this outrageous crossover in which the Emo Rangers meet a guy in a magic knight suit, and get to fight a daywalking vampire with an Irish name and Russian accent, and get to team up with the 1993 Power Rangers and the 2017 film Power Rangers! Plus, a few other weirdos. And it was nearly all made in The Sims 4!
Emo Rangers on Total Drama Island
This story by Alienphantom of FanFiction.net asks but one simple question: What if a bunch of Total Drama Island contestants suddenly became new Emo Rangers? What's even going on here?

You can find Emo Rangers music by Fei Comodo on Soundcloud. Learn what you can about the soundtrack here as well!

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2015 Lyrics Video

Lyrics video for the song by Radica, featuring vocals by Austin Townend.

Fun facts
  • Funky Monkey is a parody of multiple villains from Power Rangers rolled into one!
  • When Ross randomly yells out "Damn you!" to Funky Monkey, several similar lines are spoken by both Rangers and monsters in Super Sentai quite often - just, in Japanese.
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