The Mysterious Vagrant is a character portrayed by actor Kyle Letner in the Emo Rangers 2015 Anniversary Special.


The Vagrant has the ability to hide inside of trees, or come out of them. How he does this is never explained.

Character historyEdit

After the Chronic Stoner morpher was cloned and an evil clone of John was created by the Evil Empress, Captain Emohead was determined to ensure that there wouldn't be another Chronic Stoner again unless it were someone worthy. He wanted to make sure that neither the Empress nor anyone in Chelmsford could become the Chronic Stoner by accident, so he hid the powers in a secret locker in a hallway in Happy Valley High School in Boise. He entrusted the key to that locker to a small boy, and never spoke of the matter again.

Some time after the Emo Rangers had moved on with their lives following a period of peace, it was discovered that the new principal of Happy Valley High was up to no good. The boy had grown up to become an eccentric young man who spoke in riddles. The vagrant scoured the teens at Happy Valley High, and discovered that Mary Jane Greenfield was not conforming like many of the other students were. He decided she was the chosen one, and gave her the secret key to the Emo Ranger locker. This allowed her to become the new Chronic Stoner Ranger, and defeat the evil principal right as he was about to level Boise with his evil robot.

However, the mysterious man's presence on the school grounds was quickly detected. He vanished behind a tree to avoid being killed by the Hoodie Patrol. He was never seen nor heard from again.


The vagrant appears to have been severely damaged in life, but the exact cause is unknown. Somehow, he knows Mary Jane is the one who can be the new Chronic Stoner Ranger, able to do with it what John never could. He mostly speaks in song lyric riddles. His first quote is from "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance. He follows up with another quote, from their song "The Black Parade." Their song "I'm Not Okay" made up most of his remaining riddles, which he uttered in an increasingly distorted voice.


Kyle Letner, a friend of Krystal's from the Boise area, volunteered to step in and portray the vagrant. It only took a few hours of his time, and he quickly moved on to other things. Assuming the franchise has a future, his future with it remains unknown.

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