The New Rave Pirates are the main villains in episode 4 of season 2 of Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers.

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New Rave Bot sent to terrorize High Street.

Coming from a nuclear-mutated and radiation-dependent species of humanoid aliens, the New Rave Pirates are obsessed with their own spinoff version of rave music. They want to convert the entire world into mutated, rave-addicted monstrosities like themselves using radioactive isotopes of rare crystals native to their world. However, for some reason, this requires them to stick the isotopes of the rears of their victims on Earth - which could kill a good lot of these unsuspecting victims.

The defeat of the Evil Empress emboldens them to leave their own mark on Chelmsford, no longer fearing her interference.

They hatch a scheme to use their promotion of "New Rave" music as a venue for hypnotizing victims into working for them so they can further lure in as many victims as possible. By way of this, they even create their own New Rave Patrol - similar to the Hoodie Patrol. An ad they leave on TV by way of a studio host they took hostage catches Luke's attention. Fai heads off to warn the others, while Luke goes directly to where he finds a gathering.

The other Rangers quickly begin cleaning shop, ruining the Pirates' plans. Being spoiled sports, they launch their Rave Fight Bot to destroy Chelmsford as a backup plan. Their bot is to "start nuking" the city, so as to spread radioactive isotopes that would make the planet more hospitable to their fellow alien kind. Luke makes quick work of the Rave Patrol on his end, then joins the others to form the Mega Emo Fight Bot and dispose of the Rave Bot.

It is assumed that all the New Rave Pirates died in that battle.


Very little history is known about the Rave Pirates, other than that they were first announced in late 2007. Several delays in the second season led to the episode featuring the pirates not coming out until late 2010 - after many of the original MySpace followers had already moved on from the show. They were not only put in as a comment on the conflicting nature between rave fans and emo music fans; but are alleged to have also been a means of parodying the villains in Power Rangers Turbo. The blue female captain in particular bears a remote passing resemblance in concept to Divatox.

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